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''Gus' pet'' is the first episode of the Gus the Gummy gator show.


Gus wants a new pet, but he doesn't know which kind to get. He visits Combo, who has a pet monkey. The monkey has the ability to play a gaming controller. Combo teaches Gus that monkeys are omnivores. Gus doesn't want a monkey, he thinks they're too energetic. So he visits Alpha Lexa, who has a pet cheetah. She tells Gus that cheetahs are cats, just like her. She challenges Gus, and her cheetah to a race, but Gus loses, so he doesn't want a cheetah, because they are too fast. He visits Big Gil, who has a pet turtle named Timmy (Which is illustrated as a tortoise). because turtles are slow, Gus doesn't want one, so he visits Moe, who has a pet elephant that he can communicate with. The three try to go inside, because it's too hot. The elephant cannot fit into Moe's house, so Gus doesn't want a pet elephant, because they are too big. He visits his last friend left, Peck, who has a pet parrot named Polly that he got last week. The parrot keeps imitating him, so Gus doesn't want a parrot, they are too loud for him, so he almost gives up, but Peck tells him that he can go to the pet store. Gus goes there and meets the pet store owner, who offers a dog for free if Gus can finish a pop-quiz. he eventually wins the dog and names him buddy.

Negative qualities and errors

  • Two backgrounds and all of the non-anthropomorphic animals are all clip-art stock images.
  • In most countries, it is illegal to own a pet cheetah, elephant or monkey, as they have killed hundreds of people in the past decades.
  • Some questions in the pop-quiz are not pet related.
  • Because both they and Alpha lexa are cats, cheetahs should also be anthropomorphic.


  • This is the only Gus episode to be made in the year 2019.