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Moe the Monster is a protagonist in Ryan's World and his best friend is Gus the Gummy Gator. He mostly speaks gibberish.

Moe’s Backstory

Moe was born on January 18th, 2015 in a planet called Moetopia, his parents bought him a lot of toys and stuff. Just like his entire family, his parents wanted him to be an engineer, so he attended school at just 1 years old. School was too boring for him, he just wanted to be a playful dude when he grows up. When he barely turned two years old, Moe was helping his dad wash his high tech car, but when dad wasn’t looking, Moe pressed a button in the car out of curiosity. Then, the car took off at a fast speed. The car with Moe inside crashed into a swamp in earth, where he met Gus for the first time. He really liked Gus’ Gummies. thankfully, his parents decided to live with Moe on earth, Moe and Gus are best friends forever.


  • Even though he speaks gibberish, Moe is seen to speak English in The Halloween Song and the Are You Scared song.
  • Moe has made less appearances in recent videos, making him more of a side character now.