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Peck the penguin is a main character in Ryan's World. he has slowly adapted from being a nerdy, intellectual bird on The Gus Show, to a former gamer on the VTubers Channel. He is the friend everyone in Ryan’s World goes to for assistance in Science or Math.


Peck was a little penguin living in Antarctica. he was about to take a trip to the North Pole to find a golden popsicle. he packs his stuff and himself in a cardboard box ready to be ''mailed'' to the North Pole. Around the same time, Gus is looking for gummies but he doesn't find any, so he orders more of them. Peck has been mailed to the North Pole, or in this case, Gus' house!, Gus meets Peck and they become friends. As seen in later episodes, he chose to live near Gus. He is voiced by Brianna Jaynes from 2017 to late 2018, then Jose David Ramos onwards.


  • The organ-scanner 9000[1]
  • The Peck pod[2]
  • The Peck-O-matic 3.14000[3]


Peck is a purple 9 year old penguin who has a red bow-tie on his neck, as well as big glasses and a purple tuft of hair. He also has a blue snowflake pattern on his stomach.


  • Peck can telepathically talk to dead people, including his grandpa.[4]
  • Peck has a spacecraft called ''The Peck pod'', which is used to get to faraway locations and plays an important role in some episodes, like the ending of this one.
  • In Pi Day, Peck says he lives approximately 3.14 miles (5.1 km) from Gus' house. It is also revealed that Peck's mom had a pie recipe sheet that she had since 2000, meaning that she was born before the 1980's.
  • This video is the last we see of him in Vtubers, meaning that he hasn't appeared on the channel since October 2019.
  • Peck has a girlfriend, although he keeps this a secret.[5]
  • Peck can also turn invisible, referring to it as "Counter Shading".[6]