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''The Legendary Golden Egg: Part 1'' is the fourth episode of the Sunnyside School series.


Combo and his friends are in history class. Mr. Coach Pat tells the students about an island floating above New York city. Peck thinks it's the moon, but Pat debunks his question, forcing him to do push ups for the rest of the story. Pat explains that there is a special golden egg and that anyone who tried to get it was never seen again. Evil Dark Titan argues that he will get the egg himself. After the story, Peck reveals his new, hunky body, and kisses his muscular arms. Combo, Peck and Gil talk about how to stop Dark Titan from stealing the egg, and eventually think of a plan, but Dark Titan has already entered his spacecraft. Combo and Gil go on a flying vehicle to the island, while Peck asks Pat to tell the reason why the egg prevents anyone from coming back. The latter reveals that the egg is guarded by a giant eagle, who asks a riddle. If they get the riddle correctly, they get to earn the egg. If they lose, they will be trapped on the island forever. Combo and Gil arrive on the island, to see that Dark Titan is trapped in a stone cage, among other people. They see the giant eagle for the first time, who gives them a riddle. Combo and Gil think of an answer, but before they could say it, Peck tells them to stop. The eagle gives Peck the riddle, and he thinks of the answer. Peck eventually says that the answer is a penguin, and the eagle says the answer is correct, and frees everyone trapped, including Dark Titan out of the cage. Back at the playground, the three talk about the crazy adventure they went on. the eagle shows up, and gives Combo the golden egg, for being taught kindness from the latter. King Collector sees the egg, and is thinking of a plan to steal the egg.


  • The eagle is voiced by Bradley William Smith, who also plays Combo Panda.