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''The Space Race'', is an episode of the ''Galaxy explorers'' series.


A character named Mr. Zorg is the announcer for a space race, then revealing that Ryan and Combo are in one team, and Alpha and Peck in the other. The first round starts with Combo and Peck fighting with lightsabers, with Combo winning the round. The next round is Ryan and Alpha trying to shoot as many lava bombs as they can. Ryan tries hard, but his gun isn't working, causing Alpha to win the second round. The last round is Ryan and Peck doing a hoverboard space race. Along their way, a massive crater appears and Alpha puts a ramp to save the two. Later Peck falls from his hoverboard, which crashes into a mountain, exposing some sort of cave. Ryan wins and then he sees the cave, so he and Combo go inside and find ''a thousand star fragments''. But Mr. Zorg says that they are his, revealing that he was the announcer because he wanted to find them. Ryan and the rest of the gang think of a plan, with Combo saying a bad pun. They eventually think of a plan together. Combo decapitates Mr. Zorg, revealing he is some sort of octopus thing that engineers the lower half of his body. he is eventually defeated.


A true space pirate is not a normal pirate.

Negative qualities and trivia

  • Like Ozzie the space dog, this episode uses flash animation.
  • The flash animation is still cheap, but at least there is lip-syncing and better movements.